The Importance of Parental Involvement in Childcare and Early Learning

The Importance of Parental Involvement in Childcare and Early Learning

Parents play an important role in early childhood education, supporting children as they build new skills and develop their understandings of new concepts. 

When your child begins attending a childcare centre, it’s essential that you engage with their learning journey, looking for ways to help them. This allows you to be a part of your child’s academic development and school preparation. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the importance of parents in childcare and early learning!

Supporting teaching programs

By being involved in your child’s learning, you can support the teaching programs delivered by educators at your child’s early learning centre. This can help to provide educational consistency, as well as helping your child improve their skills. 

When you understand what programs your child participates in at childcare, you can ask educators about your child’s progress and understanding, supporting your child’s continued learning and helping staff to provide your child with the best education. 

Promoting your child’s development

Parent involvement can also help with other forms of child development. You can be a part of supporting your child’s social and emotional learning by finding out how you can help them develop these important skills. 

Through engagement with your child’s childcare provider, you can understand how your child respond to social situations and whether they have any challenges they need to work on. You might be able to help your child practise skills like patience or sharing. 

Continuing to learn at home

Learning never ends at childcare, so it’s important that you continue to support your child’s development at home. By communicating with your child’s childcare educators, you can find out new ways to continue learning programs. 

Your child’s educators can provide you with information about your child’s interests, skills, and abilities. You can use these details to establish home-based routines and activities that relate to what your child is learning at their childcare centre. 

Preparing for school

Promoting school readiness is an important part of early learning. When you are involved in your child’s learning, you can understand whether they’re ready for school, and you can help to prepare them for this transition. 

Working with your child’s childcare educators, you can introduce your child to important structures, routines, and skills that will help them in a school environment. You can help your child practise independence and learning styles before they leave childcare.

Valuing your child’s learning

Being engaged with your child’s early learning is also an important way to show your child that you value and care for them. This is helpful in promoting belonging and inclusion, as well as improving your child’s confidence. 

When you support your child’s child care learning, you can help them develop many valuable skills and understandings. You can also support your child’s self-esteem, helping them learn to love learning. 

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