Who is Suitable for 6-Month Smile Braces Treatment?

Who is Suitable for 6-Month Smile Braces Treatment?

6 month braces offer a new and improved way to get your teeth in a straight line in a short period. Crooked teeth can make you shy away from your own smile, and lower your self-esteem in public. Until a few years ago, traditional braces were the only solution for this problem. But advancements in orthodontics have brought about a new, faster treatment.

What is the difference between regular braces and 6-month braces?

Of course, the most obvious difference is the time you save by opting for 6 month braces in lieu of metal wires. Traditional braces can stay in your mouth for a year or even two years. There is also the number of appointments, where it takes only a few visits to get 6 month braces treatment. Although named six-month braces, sometimes this process can take up to 8 months, due to various possible reasons. That’s what makes 6-month braces in London ideal for inpatient clients.

The brackets and wires used in six month braces are also inconspicuous. In addition, there is no need to worry about extra work to keep the braces clean. You can easily resume your normal life after getting this treatment. The main downside compared to traditional braces is that 6 month braces only realign your front teeth and not your jaw or back teeth. It has nothing to do with the way your jaw comes together to form a bite. Metal wires realign your jaw to fix that as well.

The Benefits of ‘6 Month Smile’ Braces

You can get straight front teeth in half a year, and save up on the visits to the dentist for traditional braces treatment that could take up to five years to completely show results. If you don’t want to reshape your jaw, then this solution is for you. The other upside is that they are unnoticeable in most scenarios.

The design, however, is considered a cosmetic solution as it only realigns the teeth visible while you smile. It is an adaptive treatment, and the dentist should assess your teeth to see how long you have to use the clear braces for permanent results. This could vary for as short as four months or even up to nine months in some of the more resilient cases. The treatment takes 3 to 7 adjustment sessions in that period, which the orthodontist decides. Of course, with our dental professionals, you will be informed of all the details in the consultation visit.

The fewer number of appointments also means that the expenses for 6-month braces are considerably less than other dental realignment treatments.

Invisalign or Six Month Smiles? Which one is better?

The circumstances vary in each patient and so the best judge on which treatment suits you best is your orthodontist. Of course, the choice is yours on which one to choose but listen to your dentist carefully before making a decision. In more severe cases of dental misalignment, or if you want removable braces because you can’t stand permanent ones sometimes, Invisalign is your best bet. If, however, you are looking to see results faster then choose 6-month braces.

But it’s better to discuss the details of each treatment with your orthodontist, to understand which one fits your needs and expectations. Your lifestyle is an important factor in this decision.

While 6 month braces are quicker to bear results rather than Invisalign, the Invisalign treatment is still considered a short-term procedure, so don’t forget, the devil is in the details. Look at other variables before making your final decision between the two options.

When it comes to your front teeth, 6 month smiles are a better fit for dealing with serious issues when compared to traditional braces and treatments. For some of the more intricate issues like teeth gaps and teeth sticking out at bad angles, we recommend the six month smiles solution. however, the problem with your teeth arrangement is more fundamental you may even need restructuring surgery and a couple of years with permanent metal braces to fix the misalignment for good and create a happy smile and healthy teeth and gums.

Who are a good Candidates for Six-Month Smile braces?

6-month braces are ideal for anyone above 15 years of age, who look to bring out a more symmetric smile to their faces and spend little time on the efforts to realign their teeth. other issues that can easily be fixed using these braces are overcrowded teeth, overbite and underbite, and other minor problems.

The Six-Month Smiles Braces Process

After the orthodontist gives you an overview of the process themselves, they examine your overall dental health and other key factors. They could use 3D imaging or x-ray scans to find out the hidden details in your teeth’ alignment. They will use the data to create a virtual model of your teeth and gums to design their treatment. 

The model will be sent to the laboratory to help the orthodontists there design the perfect fit and realignment process for your teeth. When the braces are ready, the dentist will give you a call for your first fitting.

After the first session, you should visit the dentist again every month or so, to check up on your progress. In addition, he will make adjustments to the brackets to ensure that your teeth will shift to the desired alignment.

After about six months, the orthodontist will confirm the treatment’s success and remove the brackets for good.

Finding out the best orthodontist

While the 6 month braces are made in company laboratories, the practice of installing the braces is an art in itself. You should find an orthodontist with a perfect track record, and find out whether any of the previous patients have left any reviews that could indicate the dentist has done a less than the desirable job in maintaining and monitoring their treatment. Then you can choose the best 6-month braces in London.

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