Things to be aware about pregnancy kicks

Things to be aware about pregnancy kicks

With kicks there reminds a life inside you. It states that happiness is growing inside your womb and will come out and join your life. With baby kick monitor you are able to measure an emotional connect with your partner. It is not about that as it means that the foetus does have a healthy growth. A pregnancy kick counter would point to the following facts

The kicks point to the normal growth along with development of your little one.

With baby kicks it points that the baby is having a healthy development inside the stomach. You can figure out whether the baby is active when they tumble, roll inside the womb. A flutter is experienced in the abdomen when the baby stretches out their limbs. All these movements will become distinct once you reach the end stages of pregnancy.

The kicks of the baby are going to increase if you are lying on the side

You are going to feel more secure if you sleep on the side. The reason for it is because the supply of blood increases when you are sleeping on the right or the left side. In the meantime it improves their movements. The moment mother sleeps on the back the baby will become less active as she did go on to conserve oxygen. The babies tended to be more active when the mothers slept on the right or the left side. The moment mothers did go on to change their activity state the babies would also change their activity state

The baby is in a position to respond to external stimuli

Babies are likely to respond as per changes in the surrounding environment. The noise or food you eat as the baby is likely to respond to those changes

Once the baby touches 20 weeks, the foetus is likely to be responding to low pitched sounds and once the pregnancy progresses are going to hear high pitched sounds. All these movements point to the normal growth cycle of your baby.

Any food that a mother eats during pregnancy would introduce the baby to the various flavours. It indicates the normal growth pattern of the baby. Any food that the mother eats introduces the baby to the various flavours . it ensures that the baby likes or dislikes them.

Reduction of kicks indicate that the baby is showing signs of distress

The moment you touch 28 weeks the doctor advises to keep a track of the baby kicks. In a couple of hours the baby would kick around 10 times.

The emotional or physical state has an impact on the baby’s movements. You should drink a lot of water in case if you are not feeling the movement of the baby. With placenta disruption it restricts the oxygen and blood to the fetus creating havoc on the phase of development.

With an ultrasound you can determine the heartbeat of your baby and figuring out the reason for the reduction in movements.

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